Victims Identified as Family of Rabbi Fogel of Yeshiva Itamar

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


The victims of the brutal murders at Itamar, in Samaria, Friday night are Rabbi and IDF tank unit officer Udi Fogel, his wife Ruth, 11-year-old Yoav, four-year-old Elad pictured) and three-month-old Hadas. Rabbi Fogel taught at the Itamar post-high school yeshiva, whose senior rabbi is former IDF Chief Rabbi Avi Ronsky.

Click here for photos of the murder victims that were released by the Fogel family, who gave full permission for their use in order to report on the horrific reality of murdering children and babies in their sleep "simply because they are Jewish." Warning: These photos are extremely graphic and not intended for children.

Their funerals will take place at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at Har Menuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem. The survivors, 12-year-old Tamar, eight-year-old Ro’ie and two-year-old Shai, are being cared for by their grandfather, Chaim Fogel, a resident of Nevei Tzuf, also in Samaria.

After bringing his grandchildren from the home of the terrorist crime, he said, '"We saw the scene of the vicious murder.”

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that an initial investigation indicates that the parents, Udi and Ruth Fogel, fought with the attackers, an act that may have been instrumental in saving the lives of three of their children who were in another room. The attackers fled immediately after murdering the parents and three of their children who were in the same room with them.

The IDF has arrested approximately 20 Palestinian Authority Arabs for questioning, but it not known how many terrorists were involved in the murders. It is known that the terrorists jumped over the electronic security fence.

Around 22:30 Friday night, they entered one house , where no one was home, and then broke into the Fogel home to carry out the murders.

Tracks from the home led to the nearby village of Awarta. Saturday night, Jewish residents in the area demonstrated at the nearby Tapuach junction and marched north towards Hawara, near Shechem and where Defense Minister Barak has removed several key security checkpoints and relaxed security inspections.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, "I noticed that several states which rushed to condemn Israel for building a house in some place are taking their time in condemning the murder of children.”

He also said he was shocked by the ambiguous condemnation of Palestinian Authority leaders. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated, "Violence will only bring more violence – we must hurry to find a comprehensive, just solution to the conflict.”

Following the remarks, Prime Minister Netanyahi stated, "I am disappointed by the weak and mumbled statements. This is not how one condemns terrorism. This is not how one fights terrorism. See how Israeli prime ministers, myself among them, have reacted in similar situations, but there has never been anything like this, in which terrorists entered a home and cut children's throats.

"This requires sharp and unequivocal condemnation. This requires something else. This requires a halt to the incitement.... The time has come to stop this double-talk in which the Palestinian Authority outwardly talks peace, and allows – and sometimes leads – incitement at home. The time has come to stop the incitement and begin educating their people for peace."


Opinion: Natural Disasters, Palestinian Barbarism
by Prof. Phyllis Chesler 

The entire nation of Israel mourns.

Yet another atrocity.

We mourn the destruction of a beautiful, gentle, loving family.

Three new orphans who were so brutally torn from their parents.

Parents crying for their children and grandparents for their their grand babies.

  A two year old who was found nestled between his butchered father and lifeless infant sister, covered in their blood, crying over and over again "daddy wake up, daddy wake up"

And we mourn the silence of the world.

The hypocrisy.

The obscene immorality disguised as moral conscience.

We have survived this sort of inhumanity and corruption..... for many many long centuries. 

We are still here, miraculously, incredible, annoyingly, while  great empires have vanished from the world and become irrelevant because of the choices that they have made.

Each and every one of us is being given opportunities to stand up, speak out and act. Each in our own way. Silence is unacceptable.


The Fogel Family, massacred in Itamar

It is all happening and far more quickly than even I had anticipated; and yet, the events are so surreal that they seem to be happening in slow motion, as if we are dreaming or in a really bad movie.

That is because we view it all—but are helpless before it.

The natural disasters: an earthquake which may have killed more than 10,000 people in Japan and an unintended Japanese nuclear meltdown are fully matched by the moral and man-made disasters in Libya and in Itamar, the West Bank town in which Palestinians slaughtered five members of the same Israeli family. In addition to the 35 and 36 year old parents, Udi and Ruth, the child victims were thee months old Hadas, 4 years old Elad, and 11 years old Yoav.

Palestinians were seen giving out candy to celebrate this Cowardly Kill. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, refused to condemn this cowardly attack. He mumbled something in English about “all violence leading to violence” which means the violence of the alleged Israeli “occupation” of the disputed territories is what caused these murders. Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, condemned the attack and, excellent propagandist that he is, insisted that “There ought to be no doubt on where we stand on violence. We reject it, and we have always condemned it.”

And my grandmother is a bicycle as they say. I really wonder what these Palestinian leaders have been saying in Arabic.

Palestinian terrorists are Baby Killers par excellence. From the beginning of the Second Intifada in 2000, they have killed at least 123 Israeli children—on purpose, not accidentally. They have shot up teenagers while studying, have tried to kill children in nursery schools and child care centers. Palestinian terrorists have even killed children at Itamar. In 2002, Habash Hanani did so, and he is currently being glorified by the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian terrorists are Baby Killers and yet Arab, Islamist, and liberal fascist propaganda have managed to convince the world that Israelis and Jews are Baby Killers—Israel, a country whose military never uses civilians as hostages and which, contrary to Big Lie myth, is exquisitely restrained when it comes to avoiding civilian casualties during urban battle.

Arab and Muslim terrorists are Baby Killers. They kill their own in order to kill the babies of their enemies. The Taliban in Pakistan specialize in grooming 5-10 year old orphan boys to blow themselves up. Muslims, Arabs, Islamist terrorists in general, and Palestinians and Iranians in particular, brainwash, exploit, mere children and teenagers as jihadists and as suicide killers.

Today, sickeningly, the western mainstream media, and some Jewish and Israeli anti-Zionists as well, are implicitly, essentially, blaming the settlers for their own murders! They are “settlers,” “radical settlers,” “living beyond the green line,” not human beings, not Jews, not Israelis, not even real victims. Real victims should not have been living there, their geographical presence comprises an (understandable) “provocation.” Similarly, women’s uncovered faces, infidel women especially, constitute a “provocation” too so that they have only themselves to blame when Allah-fearing Muslim men rape, gang-rape, and assault them.

Real victims are the Palestinian terrorists who are forced to murder babies in response to being “illegally,” and immorally Occupied.

In its firstpiece about this crime, the New York Times characterized Itamar as “home to some of Israel’s most radical settlers.”

Shoot that radical settler. No, stab him while he’s asleep in his bed, better yet, why not stab his whole family? The international community will not care.

Demonize settlers, isolate Israelis, insist that “Islamophobia,” not Islamic terrorism, is the problem, (do so in the American Congress), refuse to stop the wholesale slaughter of Muslims by Muslims (think Libya, think Darfur), instead, blame Israel because the Palestinians do not want a Palestinian state, lean on Israel to negotiate harder, give up even more, give up every city, including Jerusalem and then simply wait for the law-of-returning Palestinians to overcome the last “settlement” standing: Tel Aviv—do so, even as the entire Arab Muslim Middle East is exploding over non-Israel specific problems--and inevitably, the Palestinian fiends will be emboldened to act and will slaughter an innocent, peaceful Jewish family in their beds and of course, on the Jewish Sabbath. 

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