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Many of you have been after me for years to put down in writing some of the things we have learned after a lifetime of Torah study and teaching. But I have always been a little too lazy to undertake such and project: and then, I got cancer!

While on my first long round of chemotherapy, I was feeling quite sorry for myself as I was no longer able to travel and teach. So Robin suggested that this was a perfect time to get started on that writing project, and with G-d's help we were able to complete Part One of Get Your Act Together by Renewing the Ancient Way of Thinking.

It is published in a convenient large format, study-book, lay-flat or bend-double style, and I hope many of you will order it and benefit from it.


Send Get Your Act Together by Renewing the Ancient Way of Thinking - a new study volume by Shmuel 'Sam' Peak for only $17.00 postage paid (that means free shipping)

New Jewish Calendars for 5779 available now


The Torah of this World

by Rabbi Chaim Richman

Double DVD, Double Teaching

The Rabbi meant to give the same message In Lubbock and Abilene, Texas during a June 2016 speaking tour. But he ended up delivering two unique and powerful messages on the Torah of this World. So we are including both teachings in a double DVD for the price of a single.

Double DVD Normally $35.98 + shipping.

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Newest DVD teaching by Rebbetzin Rena Richman

"Between the Songs"

NEWEST BOOK by Avi Lipkin

Islamic Rivalry

ISIS and Iran are fighting for the Heart of Islamic Identity


Avi's seventh and newest book examines the current conflict between ISIS (Sunnis) and Iran (Shiites) with chapters on 1)American Policy Fallacies, 2)Russia, Ukraine, Poland vs. Turkey and Islam, 3) Saudi Nuclear Missile base at Al-Solayil oasis, and 4) The Final Battle for Mecca and Medina - The Perfect Storm. Don't miss this timely edition to Avi's indispensable series of books on the Islamic world.

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The Garden of Healing - English


The Garden of Healing is the newest selection in Rabbi Shalom Arush's revolutionary "Garden" series. If you have been blessed to read any of his other works, then you know that you want and need this book. Everyone. Not just the ill, need this book.

  • This book is unlike anything you may have read before on health and healing!

  • Translated from the original Hebrew by Dr. Yehuda L. Frischman.

  • Rabbi Arush wrote this volume for Jews, but its contents apply to any Torah person, to any follower of the G-d of Israel!

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Another Thursday Night Live (Feb 2015) - Special Edition with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Sam Peak

This is another special edition of the Thursday Night Live show where Rabbi Chaim Richman with Sam Peak discusses such topics as:

Iran, ISIS, Europe, the USA, and the Media. Rising Anti-Semitism. Yishmael-Yitzchaking. Should Jews go home to Israel. What do we do with the book of Devarim (Deuteronomy)? The Rambam's Iggeret Hashmad. The Light of Hashem and the Holy Temple. Purim. Where is Haman alluded to in the Torah? Amalek and self-doubt. Location of the Trees of Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Malbim and 'push down that wall.'

"Honey, I'm home!"

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Jewish Pathways of Spiritual Growth

by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum

"The king's son had gone crazy. He thought he was a turkey. He felt he had to sit naked under the table and eat crumbs. None of the doctors could do anything for him. Until a mysterious Wise Man appeared, sat down right next to the Prince, and cured him in a simple and highly original way."

Read and loved by many thousands, this compelling modern classic uses Rabbi Nachman's parable of the Turkey-Prince as a framework to explain a chassidic spiritual pathway that includes faith, positive thinking, goal achievement, harnessing the power of words, caring for the body, breathing, meditation, prayer, song, dance, joy. and friendship.


This wonderful book joins the list of classics based on Rebbe Nachman's teachings!

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Thursday Night Live - Special Edition with Rabbi Chaim Richman

This is a special edition of the Thursday Night Live show where Rabbi Chaim Richman addresses several  classic questions like: Why do we need the Holy Temple? and What are the Temple offerings all about? One of the best discussions on these subjects ever!

DVD - $17.99 - 20% off online special, buy now for $14.40 + shipping

The Soul of King David!

by Rabbi Chaim Richman (South Plains Hebraic Center, Lubbock, Texas, November 2013

"The dudaim gave forth their fragrance…" Song of Songs 7:14 Mandrakes/Violets, Mashiach and The Soul of King David - what is the connection?

DVD - $17.99 - 20% off online special, buy now for $14.40 + shipping

The Created "OR" (Light) of Chanukkah

 by Rebbetzin Rena Richman

(South Plains Hebraic Center, Lubbock, Texas, November 2013

Like an antidote to the chaos and darkness G-d said “Let there be Light (OR אור), and there was Light.” Even though Chanukah is a rabbinically established holiday, we find that from the very beginning Chanukah is stamped in the text: the twenty-fifth word of the Torah is OR אור and Chanukah begins on the twenty-fifth day of the month of Kislev…

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Rebbe Nachman and you

by Rabbi Chaim Kramer

A Guide to Achieving Your Personal Best

We have been fans of Rebbe Nachman (1772-1810) ever since Rabbi Chaim Richman introduced us to his unique teachings. Those teachings have been so helpful to us that we try and make them available to a larger audience every chance we get. So when Rabbi Yossi Katz of the Breslov Research Institute in Jerusalem contacted us about a new book featuring some of Rebbe Nachman's best teachings we wanted to make this volume available to as many as we could.

The new book is called “Rebbe Nachman and you – A Guide to Achieving Your Personal Best” by Rabbi Chaim Kramer. Listen to a small excerpt:

 “So many people who read Rebbe Nachman's works have the uncanny feeling that he is talking directly to them. With startling clarity, he pinpoints the real trials of our modern age: the breakdown in personal and familial relationships; the rising incidence of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders; the overdependence on drugs, alcohol and other soul-numbing diversions; the existential loneliness that we feel even as we are surrounded by more wealth and possessions than any generation has ever known. The Rebbe saw clearly that further sophistication is not the answer. 'The greatest wisdom of all,' he declared, 'is to be simple.' 'Gevalt!' he cried, 'Don't give up!'"

We are happy to make this new volume available to you and pray that it will assist you in coming closer and closer to the One and Only Almighty King of the Universe.



Rebbe Nachman and you

A Guide to Achieving Your Personal Best

Book - $14.95 + 3.00 shipping = $17.95



Students and Lovers of the Torah who have had the good fortune to be introduced to any of the works of Rabbi Avraham Sutton know that he consistently delivers some of the most profound Torah teachings available today!

If you do not know of this Master Teacher, then allow us to introduce him here. Then order his book and begin your journey.

Rabbi Avraham Sutton is an Orthodox Torah mentor, teacher and author. For over 30 years he has been learning and teaching prophetic Torah, Kabbalah, Talmud, Midrash, Chassidut, Prayer, Meditation and Sacred Song. He has translated, edited, and/or authored over 20 major works in English on the deeper significance of Torah for our age. His editing projects include Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's Innerspace and volume two of Handbook of Jewish Thought, as well as Rabbi Chaim Kramer's Anatomy of the Soul.

R' Avraham is a unique Torah scholar. Steeped in the tradition of the great masters (the Talmud, the Midrash, the Zohar, the Ari, the Baal Shem Tov, the Ramchal, the Gra, the Ben Ish Chai, the Leshem, etc., etc.). He is an "insider" of Torah. He helps us go "behind the scenes" to understand how Hashem's Plan for Israel and Mankind is in full swing at this very moment. Based on ancient Jewish sources, he unfolds a breathtaking prophetic vision of the future direction of Mankind, our planet, our world, the cosmos.

Born in the USA to Syrian Sefardic parents, R' Avraham has lived in Israel since 1977, and has imbibed Torah from some of the great teachers in Jerusalem. He addresses the deeper soul-issues of our age. He speaks about the meaning of living at this crucial time in history. He is a scholar, but he speaks from the heart. His presentation is thus intimate and focuses mainly on the topic of how to develop a greater awareness of G-d in our lives. He teaches the importance of inner work, of knowing who we are, and why we (our souls) have been born at this momentous time. He emphasizes that the changes we are looking forward to are not going to happen "out there" on the outer stage of history until they happen "inside" each and every one of us.

For more information about R' Avraham, including video and audio recordings, and his written works currently available, go to

Spiritual Technology

(On the transition from profane technology to sacred technology in preparation for the advent of the Great Shabbat)

by Rabbi Avraham Sutton

398 page beautiful hardbound volume

Book - $29.99 plus shipping and handling

Between me & You,

Heartfelt Prayers for Each Jewish Woman

We found another one! Another must-have classic from the Torah-Treasury of the Jewish People.

This volume is an unbelievable tool to enhance your life and service of G-d. (If you aren't Jewish then don't let the Jewish part throw you off, as the vast majority of these heartfelt prayers are very universal in scope, and are both suitable and desirable for anyone to make us of.)

We all know that prayer really works, and thank Heaven for the powerful prayers of the women in our lives. This precious volume of prayers, drawn from the words of Rav Noson's Likutey Tefilot, gives expression to the hopes and dreams of women of faith the world over.

Organized by topic; here are prayers to sing with, to cry over, to believe in and to soar with. Use them to discover parts of yourself you never knew existed and to make even clearer the values you already hold. Above all, let them open your heart to receive the greatest blessing: a new closeness to the Provider of all.

This book makes an excellent graduation, birthday or Mother's Day gift. Or just get one as an investment in yourself.

Order now for $17.99 + 3.56 s/h = $21.55