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.New Charity Project in Tiberias - Galilee - Israel

First, we should introduce our good friend and the tallest Chasid that I know, Zeev Berg. (He is the tallest one in the picture.)

Zeev has tirelessly worked with the children and youth of the Galilee, Judea and Samaria for many years by putting on Summer and Chanukah Youth Camps, and we have tried to assist in his efforts by raising funds to sponsor these Youth and Children Camps through the years, and we continue to do so.

Zeev recently made us aware of a new work in Tiberias, Israel that he is involved in (in addition to all his efforts with the Camps).  A few of the things this service is doing: This work is under the auspices of Chabad House of Tiberias and is supplying over 200 hot meals a day to very needy people, but they need the resources to greatly increase these efforts. Plus, they are operating (with meals) 3 pre-kindergartens and kindergartens for under-privileged children and of course, more needs to be added. In addition they are operating a clothing bank for those many people who are at or below the poverty level.

Not many people are aware that Tiberias on the beautiful Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is the poorest area in the entire Galilee area of Israel. Nor are they aware that for the first time since the 1950's many, many Israelis are at or below the poverty level. Simply put - they need our help! - how can we not give it to them?

Be Well,

Shmuel "Sam" Peak


Below is a link to a 10-minute video that was put together by Zeev to show us some of this work. We left the original contact info for Chabad House of Tiberias just so that you can contact them if you want; however, it is better and will maximize your donation if you send donations through Biblical Faith, PO Box 2, Abilene TX 79605, just be sure to note on your check "Tiberias." Or you can call our office if you wish to make a credit card donation over the phone at


or you can donate through Paypal here:

Tiberias Video

Zeev takes his kids to the zoo!!!

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