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DVD Gallery Nine

Teachings from

Jewish/Israeli Torah teachers

WARNING: These teachings can be hazardous to any preconceived theological thought.

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No teaching was recorded on a Yom Tov or Shabbat.

Lectures/Presentations of Other Jewish/Israeli Teachers

2 hour teaching on the Secret of Challah by Rebbetsin Rena Richman of UTN's popular Bat Melech program (01/31/2011)

$17.99 - 20% off online special, buy now for $14.40 + shipping

Gershon Salomon

on the Holy Temple

 (filmed in Abilene, TX 09/12/05 - Gershon Salomon is the founder of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful organization in Israel)

Double dvd - price $22.99

20% off - Internet special - buy now for $18.40

Reuven Prager of Beged Ivri

(filmed in San Angelo, TX 2005 - Reuven Prager is the founder of Beged Ivri and is the very capable researcher for restoring Holy Temple culture) - price $17.99

20% off - Internet special - buy now for $14.40

Avi Lipkin

(filmed in Abilene, TX 2005 Avi Lipkin aka Victor Mordechai is a best-selling author and lecturer on Islam and the Middle East) - price $17.99

20% off - Internet special - buy now for $14.40

A very special presentation by Sam Peak on the subject of LIGHT: Past, Present and Future

LIGHT: Past, Present and Future - Price $17.99

(teachings from the Secrets of the Redemption by RaMChaL זצ"ל, with additional insights from the commentary of Reb Avraham Sutton, this is a special dvd) - price $17.99

20% off - Internet special - buy now for $14.40